What music do we play for the dance?

Danceable music! We’ll play a music that is lyrical, has a strong beat, and allows for the essential connection lag (i.e., music that is just as compelling, but is smoother and less aggressive than popular dance music). The music will come from various genres and eras, from blues to jazz to the latest billboard toppers. We will feature renowned local and visiting DJs to provide different moods and expressions of Fusion – but throughout, we’ll strive for a certain musical coherence.

Want to DJ for us?

Are you interested in DJing for Angel City Fusion? Awesome; we’re glad to hear it! Angel City Fusion encourages new styles and genres as well as first-time DJs. We want all of our DJs to be as comfortable as possible, and to that measure, we present our DJ policy which outlines expectations, guidance, and common practices for DJs.

Our House DJs

Bryson Daich

Bryson Daich started Djing for fusion at Warehouse, Sacramento in 2005. Since then, he has played at events in San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, Utah, New Mexico and more. He enjoys makng the floor move to his wide range of music.

Christian Hahn

Christian, from San Diego, got his first DJ gig at an Angel City night, back in 2015. Since then he’s played all around Southern California, getting to know the fusion communities. A dancer for 10+ years, he strives to bring new and exciting experiences to the dancefloor, including some of his own musical creations.

Mila Markova

Connected to music through various mediums during her life, Mila blends all her backgrounds together in the music she plays. Her goal is to share new sounds to keep dancers inspired, and most importantly bring smiles to the dance floor.


Pyro started blues dancing at Burning Man 2007. Since then, he has traveled to dance and DJ all over US. He aims to bring a variety of sounds to all his sets, with a general theme of music being ethereal, emotional, and uplifting.  He wants his every set to give all dancers feeling like they just experienced something epic. 

Guest DJs

We appreciate each of you to bring wonderful musics every time!

Delaney Heil

Can Aksoy

Dalia Juarez

Zak McFarland

Noah Nethero

Eowyn Lucas

Ian Carberry

Hues of Blues

Eric Nguyen

Moti Buchboot

Cierra Tunquist

Selina Eich


Yael Horowitz

Kenneth Mark

Jennifer Bielinski

Luke Weismann

Amy Donahue

Philip Bell

Mija Valdez

Lani Olsen

Matthew Hardesty

Joe Lin

Robyn Schwartz

Scott VanSan

Christopher Gauntt

Jacob Cannon

Jeremy Carberry

Visiting DJs

A'lan Abruzzo

Kelly Epstein

Samuel Chang

Lyndsey Wang

Mark Blues


Ariella Yendler

Andrew Gabler

Kristin Buxton

Tory G

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