What should I expect?

Our community loves to welcome new people and prides itself on acceptance.  Diverse backgrounds, the differently abled, those looking for a casual night out, etc. can all have a good time at our event.

No dance experience?  No problem!  To make it easy to join the fun, we start each dance with a free lesson (included in the price of the dance), usually highlighting a slightly different style or technique each time.  We also provide free snacks and water, creating a natural social gathering place between dances for those interested.

Most people will say “yes” if you ask them to dance, even if you’re new, so it’s a great place to get to know new people, whether you’re introverted or extroverted.  And, if you ever have any concerns or suggestions, you are welcome to talk to our organizers.

What kind of music do you play? 

Since fusion music is so diverse, we run two dance rooms simultaneously to give you some options.  At any given time, our DJs may be playing EDM, pop music, alt blues, lyrical songs, etc. 

What should I wear? 

It’s up to you, and we welcome a fairly diverse crowd.  Some people like to dress up a bit and show off their club wear, but others come in shorts and a t-shirt.  Remember, though, that you’ll be dancing, so something that breathes well and doesn’t mind a little sweat will ultimately be best.

For shoes, something with a slidey bottom under the ball of the foot is best.  Dance shoes built for salsa, swing, etc. are popular, as well as other shoes with suede soles.  If you’re on a budget, any regular shoes can be made much more comfortable for dancing by adding a piece of duct tape or tenacious tape under the ball of the foot, floor side, for easier spins.

Where is the event, and how much does it cost? 

Check out the location, parking, and price info here.

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